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It goes without saying that Microsoft is a world-renowned technology brand and Industry authority. The great news is that Tarsus Distribution is one of Microsoft’s trusted partners in South Africa.



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Currently, Tarsus Distribution distributes Microsoft software solutions in the form of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Server, Microsoft Office solutions, and are excited to have been named the exclusive distributor for Microsoft Surface in South Africa across both their Consumer and Commercial range of devices.

Tarsus Distribution is fully equipped to supply Microsoft products in both box product and Electronic Software Distribution, which in today’s world is the fastest and easiest way to sell Office.

Here is a quick overview of the products that we currently have stocked in our warehousing facilities. 


Which Is Your Ideal Microsoft Surface Product?


Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is the leading operating system for computers and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. There are separate Microsoft Windows ‘families’, each of which accommodates for the different needs in our industry.

Microsoft Server

Originally known as Windows Server System, comprises a variety of the brand’s server solutions and products. These solutions and products include the Windows Server editions of the Microsoft Windows operating system itself and many other products specifically aimed at commercial organisations.

Microsoft Office

Practically every single individual and every business operate with the help of Microsoft Office installed on their computer. Applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel, the various Microsoft Office packages are essential for any tech store worth its salt.

Microsoft Surface

The award-winning Microsoft Surface devices are now available Tarsus Distribution as the exclusive distributor in South Africa. These devices have so much to offer in terms of best-in-class productivity, security, mobility, and speed, and introduce new processors and advanced connectivity options in a world of remote work and learning.

Microsoft partnership programme

There are several reasons why resellers should think about joining the Microsoft partnership programme. Firstly, resellers will gain exclusive access to more products and programmes, as well as powerful tools and unmatched support. From a support perspective, resellers can expect to benefit from quick responses to IT needs. They will also have the opportunity to enhance their skills with the help of up-to-date technical training and extensive product documentation.
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