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HPE Recap Blog: HPE Installation

December 14, 2021
Read Time 2 mins

The development of the new HPE Installation and Startup add-on service is one we are proud of. As a distributor of HPE servers, we are excited to be able to offer our SMBs and smaller resellers a new tool that aims at growing their businesses. With a team of certified HPE engineers, Tarsus Distribution is now not only able to supply the hardware but complete the installation and implementation of the servers onsite.

HPE installation

If you have been following the series, you will know that the HPE Installation and Startup is an add-on service to our existing pre-sales consultation, in which we assist our resellers to spec the project according to the client's needs. Whereas our service offering ended once the hardware was procured and handed over.

The journey of developing the service offering has been so beneficial on so many levels, so we are confident that we have made the best decision. Out of all of the benefits here are a few of our favourites:

  1. Tarsus Distribution is now a one-stop shop for all your HPE requirements.
  2. Our installations are HPE guaranteed to ensure peace of mind for you and your client.
  3. Our team is an extension of your team. We do not work as a third-party installer.
  4. Once installed, we work with you to maintain and service the servers.

In addition to these reseller benefits, the HPE Installation and Startup service, has been exceptionally beneficial for the newly trained HPE engineers.



Meet Mawethu Dumiso

Mawethu is a very hardworking employee and is dedicated to doing his work to the best of his ability. Starting in a data capture role, Mawethu’s ambition and willingness to learn helped him grow and become a configuration technician. With firsthand experience of the HPE product portfolio, training to become an HPE Engineer was an easy decision.

Mawethu’s promise to you: “I promise to give everlasting good service to all resellers and their clients.

Other than expanding our service offering, our goal is to empower SMBs and smaller resellers with a service they normally would not have access to. SMBs are encouraged to take on opportunities they would usually shy away from because they aren’t confident in specifying the correct solution for their clients.

As we mentioned in point 3 above, one of the benefits is that our team serves as a part of your team. To elaborate, this means that our team of HPE engineers wears your hat when on-site, giving your client the impression that we are a part of your team. You are our client, so you never have to worry about losing your client’s business to us.

It wouldn’t be right of us to only talk about the great benefits and not the risks, so here are some that we have identified.

  • If you are unsure of anything in the process, you could supply the wrong solution to your client. This would result in not only a loss of income but your client losing faith in you and your offering.
  • Third-party installers may poach your clients after the installation of the servers.
  • Stunted business growth if you continue to shy away from larger jobs.

If you are ready to partner with us on your next HPE installation or want to know more about the offering, please get in touch.

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