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Power Surge vs Power Sag

July 21, 2020
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Although power surge and power sag can both have an impact on your power supply, each of these interruptions has a different cause and effect. Any interruption in power can put your equipment at risk, no matter how small it may seem. One of the many reasons that UPS systems are so important is to prevent the damage caused by power supply interruptions.

Power Surge

When there is a sudden increase or decrease in power, equipment, hardware and data are all put at risk. A UPS is the best way to avoid the sudden disruption of a power surge or power sag. 

Power Surge & Power Sag: How Do Each Affect Your Power Supply?

What is the difference between power surge and power sag, you may be wondering, and how does each affect your power supply? Keep reading to find out.

Power Surge

A surge refers to a sudden increase in voltage. Major surges are often caused by external factors, such as lightning strikes. Smaller surges can happen numerous times a day when equipment is booted and shut down and power is diverted to and from additional equipment nearby. Surges typically result in hardware damage as well as data loss. Short-term voltage increases put sensitive electronic components at risk, damaging the insulation in motors and reducing equipment lifespan. As computers and equipment are made to receive power within a specific voltage, surges beyond such voltage severely affect the longevity of equipment.

Power Sag

A sag, on the other hand, refers to a sudden decrease in voltage. Also known as brownouts, this type of power supply disruption is typically caused by sudden increases in power. This could include power faults, short-circuiting equipment, starting motors, heating activated or sudden increases in power caused by a loose connection. Sags can commonly result in tripped computers, hardware damage, and data loss. They can also have a big impact on electric motors, light ballasts and transformers, resulting in overheating and greatly affecting overall efficiency and longevity. 

With a comprehensive UPS solution in place, you will have full peace of mind in knowing that power surges and power sags will not affect operations or run the risk of expensive damage.

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