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Why UPS solutions have become business-critical

July 6, 2022
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UPS solutions

As demands for processing power continue to soar across all organisations from the smallest to the largest networks, and business critical workloads become increasingly reliant on systems being ‘always on’, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) a significant and critical role in keeping businesses in every vertical up and running.

In South Africa, power outages and disruptions are a common event, and if not managed properly can have a negative impact on a company’s ability to continue operating, especially if the power outage lasts for a long time.  Many businesses have invested in generators and other alternative sources of power to keep the lights on during these times, and are also installing UPS solutions to enable the organisation to perform crucial data backups, or continue with mission critical services until power is swapped over to the alternate source.

In fact, much like other types of insurance, a UPS can be viewed as a type of protection against unforeseen events that could negatively affect the business. A UPS guarantees the continuity of your operations, as it gives the business enough time to switch to a larger, more stable power supply such as a generator. However, unlike a generator, it provides instant power to your ICT and other equipment at the very second the power goes out, giving you an immediate, uninterrupted supply of power in the event that the mains power supply fails for any reason. Moreover, it maintains power between mains failure and generator start up, ensuring that as the UPS kicks in all the business devices that are attached will stay up and running, making sure that no data is lost in the short interim.

A UPS also protects organisations from shifts in power that can damage electronic devices, by controlling voltage instability via a stable power output. Similarly, UPS solutions monitor the incoming voltage on an ongoing basis, to pinpoint any spikes and surges that go hand-in-hand with outages. If the UPS notices a potentially harmful condition, it will switch to AC power, halting the surge in its tracks, before it can damage the devices that are connected.  When the spike is over, the UPS reconnects its output to the power coming from the main supply, controlling, and preventing damage from power instability.

Another compelling benefit of a UPS is cost reduction. While it is possible to work out the actual costs of data recovery it is nearly impossible to calculate the true cost of data lost or a loss of productivity. Installing a UPS keeps the business’s workstations up and running, 24/7. This is particularly crucial for those who are working to strict deadlines, and those who are handling data that is sensitive or confidential.

Having a UPS solution in place also gives the business an opportunity to backup its most critical data, as it can give workforces an opportunity to backup essential data and power down their workstations and servers during the window when the mains going out, and the backup power comes on. Again, this prevents the loss of possible vital data, and ensures that businesses that require constant power to function such as healthcare, financial services, academic institutions, manufacturing entities, and any business for which storing and processing data are mission-critical tasks, can benefit from an uninterrupted power supply.

Which UPS solutions are right for my business?

Choosing a UPS to meet your business’s unique needs can be a daunting task given the plethora of different solutions on the market. A UPS is not a standard “one size fits all” solution, if it is not suitable for your organisation’s specific devices, it might fail to keep you up and running when you need it to the most.

When it comes to the type of temporary power backup that will suit the needs of your business, Tarsus Distribution offers a wide range of solutions from top vendors around the world. Through our vendors we offer UPS power supply for homes, data centres and industrial environments. Our UPS solutions offer full protection from power surges, load shedding and unpredictable climate conditions. Different models all come with a different range of features and offer diverse levels of continuous power support.

The solution that is best for your business depends on what you intend to back up with your uninterrupted power supply. Factors such as runtime, which refers to the amount of time a UPS will be able to power its attached equipment in the event of a power disruption, need to be taken into careful consideration. Remember, the more equipment your business has plugged-in to the UPS unit, the less runtime it will have, so it’s important to make sure that you choose a UPS with enough power, and that it is only providing backup power what you have identified as your most critical equipment.

At Tarsus Distribution, we offer a UPS solution to meet all possible business and home needs, including:

Data centre and facility three-phase UPS solutions

For use in large, power-hungry environments, we offer three-phase UPS power supply for power protection, solving energy challenges in these situations, and at the same time, offering only the top quality and innovation with fully integrated solutions for enterprise-wide networks, data centres, mission-critical systems, and industrial or manufacturing processes.

Computer and peripheral

For the smaller user, we supply battery backup power supply for TV, computer systems, home networking, external storage, gaming, home servers and a wide range of other electronic devices. All our UPS units feature fully integrated surge protection devices to ensure the longevity and health of your equipment.

Network and server

For network and server use, our UPS solutions promise power availability and management from the most entry-level to the most high-performance servers, storage and business networking systems.

Tarsus Distribution has the depth of knowledge and expertise to help recommend the right UPS system to protect your organisation, from the smallest business, to the largest data centre environment.

Contact us today for professional advice on the ideal UPS solution for your business or home.

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