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Raw Power Isn’t Everything Choosing a Better Computing Solution

November 2, 2023
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By Arthur Venter, Product Manager

When businesses think of compute infrastructure, the image that usually comes to mind are the large, power-hungry machines able to process vast amounts of data to keep the IT side of the business running 24/7. While this idea certainly holds a lot of truth, it has led to the adoption of expensive and inefficient servers feeding on electricity without any care for efficiency and sustainability. In today’s world where the latter values are becoming increasingly important, businesses need a way to achieve balance without affecting their bottom line.

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Raw Power vs. Efficiency
Sustainability as a Top Priority
Computing That’s Both Powerful and Sustainable
Choose the Right Computing Partner

Raw Power vs. Efficiency

Before reaching their full maturity, new computing technologies often prioritise raw power above everything else, similar to how early American automobile manufacturers didn’t care about their automobiles’ fuel economy until fuel prices started rising and the world realised the impact they have on the environment.

Raw power is great for getting things done, especially in high-paced business environments where results are important. Computing requires more power (not electricity) to get things done faster. However, efficiency has become more of a concern over the past few decades as businesses look more to forming sustainable long-term strategies.

Modern compute infrastructure prioritises efficiency while still bringing the same power, if not more, to the table. As manufacturing processes become more advanced, it’s possible to produce equipment that’s built better and more refined.

Sustainability as a Top Priority

Some may rightly ask the question: ‘Why should my business invest in more efficient computing? This will take time, cost money, and hinder my business’s short-term growth, won't it?’ It’s understandable why some people may feel this way, but it isn’t aligned with what we can already see happening in the compute industry.

What compute infrastructure brands have found is that sustainability isn’t the enemy of doing business. In fact, a recent Gartner survey showed that sustainability is a top priority for CEOs. Not only is this priority a response to pressure from stakeholders, but it’s also a key investment driver with seventy-four percent of CEOs agreeing that increasing environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts attract investors toward their companies. Environmental sustainability was cited as the third largest driver of new or improved products, just behind functional performance and general quality.

Here are some key benefits sustainable compute infrastructure can provide your business:

  • Increased revenue. With sustainability a key market concern, your business will attract more customers and forge stronger connections with partners who share the same long-term goals.
  • Lowered costs. With efficiency driving energy and production savings, it’s a no-brainer that sustainability saves money over the long-term.
  • Competitive advantage. More modern technologies are often the most advanced, providing your business with the technological advantage over competitors as well as a better public-facing brand due to your sustainability priorities.
  • Improved innovation. Efforts at promoting efficiency involve holistic analyses that often result in innovations that would otherwise have not been discovered.

Computing That’s Both Powerful and Sustainable

In the past, powerful and sustainable were two words that couldn’t be found in the same sentence. However, as we can see with the technology on offer today, a business doesn’t need to compromise on either their sustainability goals or their performance to achieve their goals. In fact, investing in sustainable compute infrastructure brings several benefits.

Efficient computing part of a long-term sustainability strategy that involves much more than just saving on electricity costs. This holistic approach addresses the entire organisational structure, from raw materials sourcing through the manufacturing process to the final product. While most organisations don’t produce their own equipment, they can choose to partner with a brand that prioritises sustainability while still delivering more than enough power.

Choose the Right Computing Partner

Once a business has decided to prioritise sustainability, efficiency, and power, there are several partners available who share the same goals.

The right computing partner must go further than just offering performance promises. A partner that consistently innovates and uses technological advancements to lower carbon footprints and optimize compute infrastructure is one you can depend on for the long term.

Trusted partners who have a long track record of delivering excellent service in compute are Dell , HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft Surface. These partners offer attractive solutions through unmatched workload optimisation, end-to-end security, intelligent automation, leveraged energy efficiency, and more.

Let us help you find the right computing solution for your business; contact us today.

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