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Navigating Digital Transformation with Dell's Storage Solutions

July 28, 2023
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In the complex landscape of digital transformation, efficient data management is crucial. Dell PowerStore, a standout in Dell Technologies' offerings, plays a pivotal role in modern businesses' digital journey. This article explores PowerStore's top ten features, underscoring its adaptability, intelligence, and innovation.


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Embracing the Future with Dell PowerStore
Why Customers Choose Dell PowerStore

Your Partner in Navigating Business Change

Embracing the Future with Dell PowerStore

Information technology has become a strategic differentiator for organisations. As we grapple with exploding data growth, the intricacies of multi-cloud environments, and escalating cybersecurity threats, effective IT management has never been more crucial.

But imagine if you had access to a continuously modern storage experience that not only allows you to create groundbreaking value but also ensures your organisation is poised and ready for whatever comes next.

Dell's storage solutions are designed with flexibility, modularity, and integration at their core. They cater to a broad ecosystem of internal and external capabilities, providing businesses with data centre solutions that meet today's workload and data centre needs. These solutions offer real advances in terms of new features and return on investment.

This is precisely what Dell PowerStore brings to the table. It's a continuously modern, software-driven storage experience that's designed to simplify IT, provide control and mobility in multi-cloud environments, and foster secure innovation. The PowerStore platform is user-friendly, flexible, and secure, acting as the cornerstone for automating IT processes and catalysing secure innovation within your organisation. The future of storage is here with Dell PowerStore.

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Why Customers Choose Dell PowerStore

When it comes to navigating the complex waters of digital transformation, choosing the right storage solution plays a crucial role. One of the leading solutions in this domain is Dell PowerStore, a versatile storage platform designed to accommodate the evolving demands of modern businesses. Here are the top reasons why customers are opting for Dell PowerStore for their storage needs:

  • Software-Driven Design: PowerStore's "software first" architecture, built on a containerised micro-services platform, delivers advanced storage services for diverse workload environments.

  • Adaptable Architecture: PowerStore's design accommodates change, offering granular scale-up and scale-out expansion to over 18 PBe capacity per cluster. It also provides unified block, vVols, and enterprise file services, plus diverse deployment models for edge, core, metro, and cloud.

  • Built-In Intelligence: The built-in AI and Machine Learning of PowerStore makes change easy. It self-optimises processes for efficiency, performance, and availability without manual intervention, making management simpler and more efficient.

  • Predictive Analytics: PowerStore’s AIOps application, CloudIQ, provides intelligent analysis and connected insights across multiple infrastructure categories, helping to resolve issues faster and forecast future needs.

  • Programmable Infrastructure: PowerStore's deep integration with leading DevOps, containerisation, and open management frameworks simplify and streamline your overall ecosystem, accelerating service deployment.

  • AppsON: As the industry’s only purpose-built storage appliance with a built-in ESXi hypervisor, PowerStore allows users to run workloads directly on the appliance, providing scalable capacity and services for workloads on external hosts.

  • Advanced Data Protection and Security: PowerStore safeguards business-critical applications and data from environmental corruption, loss, and malicious threats, with high availability and built-in cybersecurity measures.

  • Cost-Effective Multi-Cloud: PowerStore assists in transforming on-premises infrastructure into hybrid cloud solutions while maintaining operational consistency, providing cost-effective cloud backup and flexible multi-cloud access.

  • Non-Stop NVMe Innovation: PowerStore incorporates the latest developments in storage, interface, and network technologies, including end-to-end NVMe for low latency performance.

  • Anytime Upgrade Advantage: As part of Dell’s FutureProof program, Anytime Upgrade combines PowerStore’s all-inclusive software subscription with a non-disruptive, data-in-place controller swap, ensuring workloads always run on the newest technology.

Your Partner in Navigating Business Change

Choosing the right storage solution is not an easy task. Issues such as business continuity and disaster recovery, availability and scalability need to be addressed. At the same time, businesses need to consider return on investment and total cost of ownership, and how to support their technology investments. This is where having a partner like Tarsus Distribution, a leading ICT distributor in South Africa, can help.

Tarsus Distribution, in partnership with Dell, enables companies to choose the solution and approach that is best suited to their specific data centre requirements and allows them to evolve at the pace that works for them. Ready to revolutionise your data centre capabilities and evolve at your own pace? Reach out to us at Tarsus Distribution today and let's explore how our partnership with Dell can drive your business forward.

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