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Partnering with Tarsus Distribution, South Africa’s oldest technology distribution companies, is always beneficial to resellers across the country. The most notable benefit is the fact that, in doing so, you are practically guaranteed to save money. Your clients can tap into our existing world-class warehouse management system that adheres to strict international standards and best practices. No need for them to invest in one of their own!



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About APC

APC is a formidable brand within the realm of data centre essentials, uninterruptible power supplies, and electronics peripherals. The company is based in the USA and was founded in 1981. It puts all of its effort into the creation of products that focus on network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) solutions. APC provides products that assure protection against some of the most common causes of loss of data, downtime, and hardware damage: power problems and temperature, to be specific.


Featured APC Products


Power protection

APC is known for creating several uninterruptible power supply products for data centres and industrial environments alike. From a power protection perspective, they also specialize in surge protection and power conditioning.
Single-phase UPS units

Single-phase UPS units

APC has always been known for its single-phase units but has recently announced more advanced options in the form of 6 – 10 kVA. The single-phase units are the company’s first single-phase UPS range to boast unity power actor capability. Further to this, the 5 kVA UPS models have 0.9 power factor.
Three-phase UPS units

Three-phase UPS units

Three-phase UPS units promise more advanced power protection. Data centres and commercial businesses can choose from a wide selection of three phase PC units from 10KVA upwards based on their unique needs and requirements.

APC Partnership Programme

There are so many reasons to consider joining the APC partner programme. In doing so, you will snap up the opportunity to grow your business, enhance your reputation, and expand your solution offering. The programme is five-star rated and provides partners with a competitive advantage in the form maximised visibility and award-winning solutions integration. The great news is that you can contact Tarsus Distribution directly for more information or to become a partner.

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