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Power partnerships and service-driven offerings

Tarsus Distribution’s reputation as the longest-established IT distributor in SA, along with a team boasting over 35 years’ experience, is a key reason to consider partnering with the company. Another is its state-of-the-art supply chain metrics and unique warehouse management system, along with its provision of technical skills to its reseller community. Tarsus also encourages resellers to focus not on product, but on service-driven offerings that solve customers’ problems and get the job done. A third reason to view us as the company of choice for resellers across the African continent? We are a trusted Eaton partner. 



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About Eaton

Eaton specialises in providing backup uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and power management technologies that deliver maximum reliability, efficiency, safety, and stability for everything from network closets and server rooms to enterprise and co-location data centres.

A global leader that operates in over 175 countries with nearly 100 000 employees, Eaton gives people the tools they need to use power more efficiently and do business more sustainably, in either a residential or commercial setting. 

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Connectivity and power protection for every requirement

tripp lite

Tripp Lite by Eaton

Tripp Lite by Eaton offers managed service providers and resellers a huge opportunity to either break into the market for power infrastructure, connectivity, and peripherals or to expand the size and comprehensiveness of their proposals by incorporating Tripp Lite’s product offerings.

Workstation and home use UPS

For a simple yet effective protection solution for home computers and digital leisure devices, Eaton provides its Protection Station, among others, while solutions like the Eaton Ellipse PRO are designed more for commercial settings, where a more complex UPS for energy-efficient power protection is required.
network ic

Network, storage, and server UPS

The importance of ensuring that your networks, servers and storage systems are properly protected should never be underestimated. Eaton’s UPS solutions for this market segment include network-enabled and extended battery runtime features, to ensure the lifeblood of your business keeps pumping.
data centre

Data centre and facility UPS

The most important requirement in large data centres and similar facilities is the need for guaranteed clean, uninterrupted power and scalable battery run times. Eaton’s UPS solutions are world class and high quality, making them ideal for such implementations.

Industrial and marine UPS

In marine and offshore applications, unique UPS solutions are required. Eaton can cater for the needs of different users - including marine vessels, emergency centres or global military installations - with single-phase, split-phase and three-phase power, as well as power ratings from 8 - 1100kVa.

The Eaton Partnership Programme

Designed to help you grow your business with Eaton’s intelligent power management technology, the Eaton Power Advantage Partner Programme offers tangible advantages, like higher margins, business development opportunities and comprehensive marketing and sales support. It is available in three levels – registered, authorised, and premium – each with varying benefits. All levels enjoy access to online training, discounted demonstrations, dedicated channel communications, a listing on the Eaton website, and access to the partner portal. Leveraging this programme will increase both revenues and margins, and ensure you offer your customers better service and support.




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