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Keys In Modernising Your IT Infrastructure

September 14, 2020
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With many server products offering similar solutions, how do you know what’s going to give you the best value for the investment? Modernize your IT infrastructure to get more value from your data, for less!



Intelligent automation simplifies server management from deployment to retirement. Rack servers provide the highest performance for a diverse set of workloads. They’re designed to speed deployment and improve application performance for database, high-performance computing, and virtualisation environments. As workloads and workplaces become more complex, with more staff than ever before working from home, it becomes more important for businesses to have end-to-end solutions that work together seamlessly. Powerful, simplified and automated OpenManage tools help manage large clusters easily and effectively.

Reliability In IT Infrastructure

From strategy to full-scale implementation, #DellbyTarsus Consulting uses prescriptive approaches, best practices and proven methodologies to help you determine how to execute your digital, IT or workforce transformation. Maximise productivity and uptime with the support expertise, insights and technologies we’re known for. Our ProSupport Suite doesn’t just extend your IT team — it enables you to address issues before they impact your business. #DellbyTarsus takes the “break” out of “break-fix."

Security In IT Infrastructure

Integrated security is built into hardware and firmware from the start for protection at every phase of the server lifecycle. Protect your customers and your business with a deep layer of defence built into the hardware and firmware of every server. Protect server configuration and firmware from malicious changes with new Configuration Lock-down. Use system erases of local storage to help ensure data privacy when you repurpose or retire servers. Automate updates that check file dependencies and proper update sequence, before deploying them independently from the OS/hypervisor. Take control of your firmware consoles with embedded authentication that is designed to allow only properly designed updates to run.


No-compromise scalability and a balance of computing and memory, maximise performance across a wide range of applications. Designed to provide exceptional scalability within each server, helping organisations to quickly and cost-effectively expand database environments or add virtual machines to each physical host. In the past, scaling processor performance frequently meant adding servers. However, organisations can begin with a two-socket configuration and then scale to four sockets when they need to increase application performance or extend a virtualised environment. Organisations can therefore double the processing performance within a server without needing to provide the extra power, cooling, or data centre space associated with additional servers.

The product solution for you is a simple one – Dell EMC PowerEdge rack servers.

See PowerEdge  in action

"We chose PowerEdge servers because they have the best integration in the industry with VMWare Cloud Foundation" – NOL-TEC Systems

See how PowerEdge Servers helped NOL-TEC systems revolutionise their data systems with VMWare

For more information and a customised solution designed to your requirements, contact us here


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