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Adopting more sustainable ICT storage solutions

August 15, 2023
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The evolving landscape of the IT industry, fuelled by advancements in cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and ubiquitous 5G adoption, has led to an unprecedented surge in the volumes of data organisations need to manage and store. Moreover, analysts predict  that by 2025, the amount of data generated will reach a staggering 175 zettabytes.

This exponential data growth, coupled with the global reliance on digital infrastructure and widespread use of cloud services, has brought the importance of sustainable storage to the top of the agenda for CIOs. Beyond just environmental considerations, responsible data storage practices have far-reaching implications for economic efficiency, social responsibility, and long-term viability.

The environmental impact of data centres, where all this critical business data resides, cannot be underestimated. These centres consume vast amounts of energy to power and cool the equipment, contributing significantly to carbon emissions.

Amid this backdrop, the focus on sustainability can present a unique opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to address their carbon footprint and boost their sustainability efforts. One viable solution lies in migrating less frequently accessed data (cold data) from energy-intensive hard disk drive (HDD) storage to more energy-efficient modern tape storage, resulting in reduced costs and improved sustainability.

Covered in this article

Massive cost savings
Green progress through tape
HPE StoreEver - an ideal choice
Longevity and reliability

Massive cost savings

The adoption of sustainable ICT storage can result in significant savings for businesses. With the exponential growth of data across industries, the need for continuous storage capacity expansion becomes an onerous burden for companies across the board. But, by opting for lower-energy-consuming storage alternatives, entities can streamline storage expenses and reduce their overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

The importance of sustainability extends beyond immediate cost concerns; it also impacts the long-term viability and growth of the ICT sector. Increasingly stringent regulations and growing consumer awareness of environmental issues is placing a focus on sustainability. Businesses that fail to prioritise environmental responsibility may face unpleasant consequences such as legal challenges or a loss of reputation.

On the other hand, embracing sustainable ICT storage demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship. This approach positions companies as forward-thinking and socially conscious entities, making them more attractive to eco-conscious customers and investors alike.

Green progress through tape

In a 2021 study titled 'Accelerating Green Datacenter Progress with Sustainable Storage Strategies,' analysts from IDC conducted in-depth research to assess the environmental implications of transitioning a significant portion of enterprise disk storage capacity to tape storage. The main goal was to quantify the potential benefits in terms of power consumption and carbon emissions reduction. The study proposed a scenario where 80% of archive data and 57% of replicated data, typically stored on enterprise disk storage systems, would be migrated to tape.

The study's findings were eye-opening, highlighting the potential for a substantial 43.7% reduction in annual carbon emissions between 2019 and 2030 through this strategy. To put this figure into perspective, the analysts estimated that by transferring long-term archive data to tape, society could prevent a cumulative 664 million metric tons of carbon emissions during that same time period. This translates to the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions produced by 144 million passenger cars driven or the energy consumption of 80 million homes in a single year.

By embracing sustainable storage practices, businesses and data centres can make a remarkable impact on reducing their carbon footprints and actively contribute to a greener, more environmentally conscious future. The study's results underscore the significance of adopting responsible storage strategies in addressing climate change and striving towards a more sustainable world.

HPE StoreEver - an ideal choice

Considering the importance of sustainable solutions for businesses across all sectors, the HPE StoreEver MSL tape portfolio stands out as an ideal choice. What sets this range apart from its competitors is its unique ability to facilitate drive upgrades without incurring extra licensing fees. This cost-effective offering allows businesses to upgrade drives without the need to buy additional modules or licenses for the new hardware.

While the temptation to compare different vendor offerings solely based on the price tag of basic hardware is great, looking at the TCO, including support and maintenance expenses, is key. When evaluated holistically, HPE StoreEver systems often prove to be considerably more cost-effective to own and operate.

HPE StoreEver LTO-9 technology, as with all HPE tape solutions, keeps security top of mind. HPE StoreEver MSL systems are fully compatible with the HPE StoreEver MSL Encryption Kit, providing simple yet highly secure safeguards for data at rest. Even if the tape were to fall into the wrong hands or be lost due to human error, data stored on HPE LTO-9 data cartridges remain safe and secure.

Longevity and reliability

Offering highly dense storage, HPE StoreEver LTO-9 is an efficient solution for accommodating large amounts of data. Its media life of thirty years ensures the longevity of stored data, providing added reassurance.

Moreover, the solution's exceptional reliability makes it ideal for long-term data retention and easy access. Embracing such sustainable and reliable storage strategies can lead businesses towards a more eco-friendly and efficient data management approach while contributing to their overall environmental goals. By choosing HPE StoreEver MSL tape solutions, businesses can invest in both their data security and their commitment to sustainability.

In ending, businesses of all sizes and industries are proactively searching for ways to reduce energy consumption and minimise carbon emissions. A compelling opportunity lies in transferring inactive or archive data to LTO tape using HPE StoreEver LTO.

This approach not only lowers data centre energy usage and operational costs but also offers several advantages in efficiently managing inactive data. By embracing this sustainable storage solution, businesses can make meaningful strides towards achieving their environmental goals while optimising data management practices.

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