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Partner Portal Paves The Way For Business Success

December 13, 2021
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The Tarsus Distribution Portal, which is available to our resellers, has proved to be a boon for both the company, our resellers, and their customers during the pandemic because it has enabled resellers to do better business during a period of crisis, while also making their lives easier. It offers them the tools they need to build revenue, create marketing programmes and educate their teams. It provides them with a critical connection to Tarsus Distribution, as well as access to information that helps them be more productive and competitive. In this article, we unpack the TD Partner Portal. 

Partner portal

Asanda Sosibo, Portal sales manager, Tarsus Distribution

Quick Turnaround Time With Partner Portal

Across the globe, organisations are seeking greater efficiencies so that they can do more with less. The businesses we are serving via the TD Portal are no different.

They need a quick return on everything they do. A comprehensive, information-rich platform like the TD portal has enabled resellers to service their customers more quickly than ever before, because they have access to the right product, as well as stock availability and price, at the click of a button – all in one location.

Marketing-As-A-Service Thanks To The Partner Portal

Over and above that TD Portal users have access to our data feed. We have enabled them to provide this feed to their customers on their own platform. This gives their business the immediacy and quicker time to market of the likes of a pure online e-commerce player who provides all the information a customer needs upfront, based on their search.

They can also boost their own digital marketing capability, either through solutions like Google AdWords or through marketing tools that we provide on the portal. This makes the portal an extension of their own marketing department, however sizeable or small it may be, so that they are able to outperform their competitors.

Warehousing For The Work-From-Home Era

For resellers whose employees are working from home, the TD Portal functions as a warehouse. They do not have the risk or burden of having to hold stock when we can simply deliver orders directly to the customer on their behalf.

Satisfied Customers With Partner Portal

The platform was at first created to service Exempted Micro Enterprises (EMEs) and Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs), as defined by codes of Good Practice for Black Economic Empowerment. These are businesses with a smaller turnover, which are striving to be as lean and nimble as possible.

But what we have seen over the past year is that the rise of e-commerce and digital transformation has made the platform equally attractive to bigger customers, too. Even retailers are acknowledging the benefits of having all their information, including invoices and proof of delivery, located in one central repository as it means less administration for them as they take advantage of our sales, marketing and accounting services.

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