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Dell's unsung hero: storage solutions

June 15, 2022
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Chris Larkins, Enterprise Business Unit Manager, Tarsus

The reality of rapid digital transformation means all businesses need to do more with less. While data storage demands explode and companies are flooded with data from multiple sources, dated storage systems cannot realistically address today's challenges. They were designed and deployed in silos, and cannot be properly virtualised to reduce costs and enhance efficiencies.

The cloud, combined with the technologies we already mentioned, are driving a massive demand for additional storage, and with it, more functionality and scalability within today’s data centre environments. Here again, legacy storage architectures are ineffective. They are traditionally complex, limited and costly. Data is coupled to hardware and vendor-driven hardware and software upgrades are onerous and inconvenient. These restrictions meant businesses had to over-provision to ensure they had capacity to meet growing demands, despite budget constraints.

This is why Dell’s approach to storage architectures is ideal for today’s needs. Dell’s solutions begin with flexible, modular designs that integrate across a broad ecosystem of internal and external capabilities, with ease. Dell’s solutions were designed with virtualised environments in mind. They are completely scalable, incredibly agile, and are unencumbered by the limitations that legacy solutions carry. They feature flexible, scalable tiering and licensing models that reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Dell’s storage solutions optimise data centre infrastructure, scale up or down as needed, and quickly adapt to evolving business needs without downtime, or the need for manual intervention. This helps businesses to intelligently manage increasing data volumes and reap maximum business value - including business continuity during a catastrophic event. 

In partnership with Dell, he says, Tarsus Distribution is helping its channel partners and their clients to implement data centre and virtualisation strategies that meet their unique needs, to allow them more rapid response times and a much lower total cost of ownership. Regardless of whether the organisation uses performance-optimised flash technologies or ultra-dense storage enclosures or any solution in that spectrum, Dell’s storage portfolio is so comprehensive, it has a solution to meet any business requirements.

From the smallest entity to the largest corporate, Dell has a solution designed to meet specific storage needs. They range from direct-attached to various networked-attached offerings, , all-flash storage and a variety of cloud options. As each business has its own capacity, as well as backup and recovery needs, making the right choice isn’t always easy, but Dell and Tarsus help companies manage the complexity with minimum pain and maximum profit.

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