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Secure and modernise IT infrastructure with Dell

May 25, 2022
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Chris Larkins, Business Unit Manager  Enterprise, Tarsus

More than ever, businesses need fast, reliable application performance. The amount of data that is drowning today’s enterprises from multiple sources, combined with a slew of new business applications, is creating complexity and vulnerabilities and leaving organisations open to cyber-attacks. 

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) paves the way to secure infrastructure that supports business transformation. HCI simplifies management, lowers costs, and consolidates resources, as it combines computing, storage, networking and security into one system.

IT has become a competitive differentiator. But the number of applications and environments that IT teams need to manage is skyrocketing. And while organisations experience pressure to do more with less, infrastructure has to grow dramatically to manage burgeoning data and applications. It’s time to adopt a cost-efficient model that leverages current toolsets and skills, supports new use cases and applications, and lowers applications’ storage demands.

Today’s cyber adversaries are more determined than ever, and their tricks more complex and sophisticated. Add to this the wide variety of new attack vectors enabled by remote workforces, and it's easy to see why companies are battling to contain threats. Traditional security measures are too slow, and resource-heavy and can’t keep up with evolving threat landscapes. With HCI, companies enjoy intrinsic, flexible security built with applications in mind, instead of dated security bolted on as an afterthought.

Hyper-converged infrastructure from Dell Technologies guarantees that all critical data centre functions, such as compute, storage, network virtualisation and management, run in a tightly integrated software layer.  Dubbed “VxRail”, the solution greatly simplifies the delivery of services that, at one time, needed purpose-built hardware to function. The solution speeds up data centre modernisation, integrating with an organisation’s existing IT investments. In doing so it saves time, lowers operational expenses and is the only fully integrated, pre-configured, and pre-tested HCI solution available.

VxRail’s most compelling advantage is that it has been integrated, optimised, tested, and validated so businesses don't have to. “It delivers repeatable full system upgrade testing to ensure clusters are in continuously validated states. This results in an optimised and focused operational experience with lower risk. If we look at what went into its development, there have been 25K test hours per release over and above existing hardware testing, $60 million worth of lab investments, and more than 100 dedicated testing engineering staff.

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