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Intelligent Printing Solutions For Your Unique Needs

Tarsus Distribution has an extensive range of HP products on offer, making it efficient and straightforward to provide your clients with the leading technology solutions they need.

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Print the Future

Tarsus Distribution has been supplying both consumer and enterprise print solutions for many years. Working closely with key partners, Tarsus Distribution identifies the print demands of each group as they evolve and supplies a range of high quality and cost-effective printers that best meet their needs. Due to the way the working environment has shifted, so too has the type of printing solution.

With the world shifting to a hybrid home-work environment, the use of print technology has changed. Midrange printers are on the increase following the notion of better is best. More functionality and better-quality trumps the less expensive printers that could, in the past have sufficed for the remote worker.


Solution Features

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Feature #1

Reliable, high-quality printers from well-known, reputable partners from home office to enterprise and everything in-between
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Feature #2

The Tarsus team is always available to consult and advise
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Feature #3

Flexible, fluid infrastructure to suit your clients’ changing needs
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Feature #4

Sustainability of consumables within the print industry is paramount
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Feature #5

Smart solutions result in cost saving for the client, a solution tailor made for what they need and no more.

How our process works:

Contact Tarsus Distribution’s expert Print Solutions team with your needs.

We will assess your client’s needs and develop a one-of-a-kind solution.

Installation of your personal Print Solution takes place.

Ongoing support from the Tarsus team.

Print Technology Partners

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