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Simplicity Just Got Easier With SimpliVity From HPE

April 6, 2022
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Simplicity Just Got Easier With SimpliVity From HPE

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Tarsus Distribution delivers only the best possible solution to our customers and is constantly keeping an eye on developments and trends within the IT industry.

Step into the future with an intelligent, hyper-efficient HCI solution

Hyperconverged infrastructure (or HCI) has been a major focus in businesses for some time now, and the ever-growing need for it has prompted newer, better ways of implementing this technology. As the South African leader of value-added technology, Tarsus brings you HPE SimpliVity – providing you with high availability, simplified management, and guaranteed data-efficient HCI solutions for a variety of organisations.

Unlock IT agility with true hyperconvergence at scale

SimpliVity has evolved beyond mere software-defined infrastructure to one that is now AI-driven. This has made possible advances in self-management, self-optimisation, and self-healing infrastructure. Through the addition of HPE InfoSight machine learning predictive analytics, SimpliVity takes care of most functions in an intelligent manner.
HPE InfoSight delivers AI-powered autonomous operations that ensure your environment is always on, always fast, and always agile. Designed to ensure that every second there is the collection and analysis of data from more than 100,00 systems worldwide, HPE InfoSight uses that intelligence to make every system smarter and more self-sufficient.
This technology has been incorporated into SimpliVity to create technology aimed at the edge, ROBO, VDI, and general virtualisation user cases. Equipped with simple, centralised management, AI-driven intelligence, and built-in data protection and disaster recovery, SimpliVity is an ideal solution for anyone requiring backup and recovery methods.

Equip your workforce, wherever they are

SimpliVity also has important developments for any organisation whose workforce is based remotely. In a post-pandemic world, the endless possibilities of a remote-based workforce have become important business considerations for many local and global companies. With SimpliVity, organisations are able to mitigate any safety issues and resolve potential remote working issues in a far more cost-effective manner. The reliable, high-performing and highly secure VDI solution makes it possible to deploy, manage, and scale in a far more improved manner than before, resulting in a cost per remote desktop reduction of up to 50%. Moreover, the hyper-efficiency of the SimpliVity solutions ensures improved application performance, freeing up of storage space, and accelerated local and remote backup and restore functions. This results in a guaranteed capacity saving of 90% across both store and backup.

Transformed support experience

Tarsus Distribution in partnership with HPE, believes in speed, efficiency, and flexibility by providing digital tools and logistics systems that empower our customer. With the SimpliVity hyperconverged architecture, your organisation is equipped with an HCI requiring no specialists to operate or scale. This technology is the simplest, most efficient and effortless HCI software currently available at a mid-range investment, invisible to hackers and ransomware. With this portfolio, customers will have a far more simplified IT infrastructure, advanced data service, and AI-driven solution available in single-high value building blocks for small scale, which can then be scaled to 16 nodes per cluster and 96 nodes per federation. You can find out more about SimpliVity by visiting the HPE SimpliVity website here, or you can contact one of our expert distribution agents by calling 011 531 1000.

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