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The Flexible Workstation

October 27, 2020
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Dell addresses these needs for flexibility in the following ways:

  • Power your productivity
  • Power through the workday with Dell ExpressCharge
  • Enhanced compatibility. Seamless connectivity
  • A business partnership you can count on

Employers have reported that, on average, with their workforce having a flexible work schedule and flexible location set up, not only has employee morale increased, but productivity has almost doubled! We can see that, despite the current challenges of the 2020 pandemic, overall job satisfaction is most certainly on the rise.

Flexible hours and partial work from home setups have allowed parents to be more involved in their children’s day-to-day activities, where they have been able to tap into their most productive hours, rather than insisting on a traditional 8-5. This has in turn allowed them to take on additional responsibilities, whilst still maintaining a good home life balance.

All this aside, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that our tech keeps up with the changing needs of both the employer and employee. See how a Dell Universal Docking Station can enable your flexible worker lifestyle:

Power Your Productivity With A Flexible Workstation

Get up and running fast with Dell docking solutions. Seamlessly transition from ‘on-the-go’ to ‘at-your-desk’ with a portfolio of powerful, compatible, and manageable docks.

Power Through The Workday With Dell ExpressCharge

Dell ExpressCharge charges up to 80% of your battery within an hour, so you can power through your day knowing you have plenty of battery backing you up. With up to 30% more power than industry standards when using Dell devices, power and charges, ExpressCharge both powers and charges your PC up to 210W, while supporting multiple displays and peripherals.

Enhanced Compatibility. Seamless Connectivity With A Flexible Workstation

Dell’s family of docks are more compatible than ever. They offer either USB-C or Thunderbolt 3, which utilizes Type-C connectivity and works with any laptop, 2-in-1 or workstation. Dell docks provide the widest portfolio coverage, the most manageability features and the most powerful delivery of any docks in the industry, making them the ultimate productivity-enhancing technology.

A Business Partnership You Can Count On

When you use a Dell Dock with your Dell PC, you can take advantage of additional business class features that make it easy to deploy and manage your devices. Features like Dell Command Update (DCU) and Microsoft SCCM automatically check for the latest BIOS, firmware or required drivers for the dock and PC and allow you to push updates at your convenience. You can also troubleshoot, update, secure and manage devices remotely to save time and improve your operational efficiency.

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