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SMBs need Endpoint Security Software more than ever before

June 23, 2022
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As cybercriminals target endpoints in the evolving workplace, SMBs need to safeguard their people and their businesses with always-on always watching hardware-enforced protection so that they can keep working, anytime and anywhere.

Companies are more concerned about and exposed to cyberthreats than ever before, with almost two-thirds (61%) describing themselves as at best only “fairly confident” at managing their current cybersecurity threat exposure. Many are also concerned that their cyber strategy is not keeping pace with the rate of tech innovation and changes in the threat landscape.

SMBs are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks including phishing and ransomware due to insufficient security staffing and training. These attacks lead to costly problems, including compromised systems, stolen data, and lengthy downtime.

"In a landscape where more security is needed than ever before, HP stands out among the tech vendors because its security efforts go further than most. HP Wolf Pro Security (WPS) helps SMBs overcome these challenges with a simple solution that delivers maximum security coverage without increasing the workload of IT staff or disrupting employee productivity." Arthur Venter, HP Product Manager, Tarsus Distribution

Endpoint security

Endpoint security is the first line of defence against cyberattacks. Because they are connected to networks, they have become an easy target. At the same time, because cybercriminals are more sophisticated, organised, and determined than ever, they have their sights set on SMBs’ endpoints.

HP WPS is always-on and always watching, to help ensure you and your team stay protected. This reduces the attack surface and enables remote recovery from firmware attacks. Self-healing firmware, in-memory breach detection and threat containment via isolation, all work together to protect the organisation’s endpoints.

These security services are available for businesses of every size. Self-managed and fully managed services give SMB owners and their teams access to cybersecurity experts and powerful analytical tools, as well as reinforce internal IT teams.

Easy to operate

SMBs need security solutions that are built with simplicity in mind. This includes straightforward policy management and solution maintenance, and ongoing alert management, which make security deployment and management easier.

The HP Wolf Security Controller offers a central command centre for managing the security and health of the business PCs, giving admins the ability to adjust security policies and review threat insights from anywhere.

Pre-configured policies enable speedy deployment, are easy to understand and require little ongoing tweaking for most environments. Ongoing security alerts make end-users aware of malicious activity, giving them notice only when their attention is needed and making it easy to identify suspicious activity on the PC.

Always-on protection for employees

Employees cannot be expected to spot increasingly sophisticated social engineering attacks. In addition, they need to work securely and be productive, making security measures that impede them from doing their jobs unsustainable.

With HP WPS employees can work safely in the knowledge that the security solution works behind the scenes, without impeding their day-to-day tasks. Threat containment technology isolates threats, allowing them to work from anywhere, even when their PC is disconnected from the Internet ensuring always-on protection.



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