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How Does Secure Printing Work?

August 4, 2020
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A 2018 survey by the International Data Corporation (IDC) showed that the majority of office workers do not consider printer security and secure printing to be as important as IT security. Few people understand that your printer is not separate from your IT network but is, in fact, an integral part of it. It is a node in the system, where information can be accessed and is therefore vulnerable to digital threats, such as malware, as well as potentially being accessible to the wrong people.

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HP's Safe Printing Solutions

HP's Safe Printing Solutions

HP’s secure printing solutions offer multiple levels of protection for data at these nodes. These four levels of protection are as follows:

Data Encryption:

This enables you to protect all your print-related data through encrypted printing and scanning.

Threat Detection:

Printers come pre-installed with anti-malware features, which detect, report and eliminate potential threats.

Access Control:

You can set up your printers to require authentication from all devices. You can also set up authentication on the printer itself, requiring each user to identify him or herself with a PIN or access card in order to complete their print jobs. This ensures that sensitive documents are only accessed by those authorised to do so, as well as preventing unclaimed print jobs from piling up.

Device Configuration:

You can configure each printer in your network to keep all firmware and security features up to date and uniform, so there are no weak links.

HP believes that every print decision is a security decision, and our leading range of enterprise printers is designed with this motto in mind. The HP Laserjet 600 series is among the world’s most secure printers and feature multiple layers of protection to keep your data safe 24/7. Contact us for more information on our secure printing solutions.

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