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The enterprise move to global IaaS providers will squeeze the South African channel

South African enterprises are beginning to accelerate their move to the cloud, as international cloud providers start to go live with their local data centres. This trend is likely to bring profound disruption to the South African service provider and IT integrator landscape over the next 18 months.

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Look beyond the news cycle when selling cybersecurity solutions

Cybersecurity can be a tough sell at the best of times – like insurance, it’s a grudge purchase for most organisations. Much of the momentum in the market comes from the news cycle, with companies spurred into action when an exotic strain of malware or a massive data breach dominates the headlines for a few weeks. Think back to 2017 when ransomware variants such as WannaCry, Petya and NotPetya dramatically brought a range of large organisations around the world to their knees. For a few months, there was a flurry of market activity as organisations scrambled to put solutions in place to protect themselves from the most newsworthy threat of the day—and then resumed business as usual when the news stories died down.

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African IT market to remain under pressure throughout 2020

The IT market in sub-Saharan Africa looks set to remain under pressure throughout 2020 as enterprise customers trim their spending in the face of market uncertainty. Resellers that want to drive growth in this market will need to focus on the emerging opportunities in the cloud space.

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