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Keeping Businesses Connected

Unify is a converged digital/VOIP system that integrates multiple communications technologies into a single platform. As the sole distributor of Unify Communications technologies in South Africa, Tarsus is the resellers’ go-to distributor for solutions that enable their clients to contact anybody, anywhere.

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Unify was previously known as Siemens Enterprise Communications, founded by Werner von Siemens in 1847. Siemens’ first invention was the pointer telegraph. In the latter half of the 19th century, the company built long-distance telegraph lines, encompassing major projects in Germany and Russia and the monumental Indo-European telegraph line stretching over 11,000 km from London to Calcutta. In 1927, the company developed the facsimile telegraphy and in 1984, the first communication system to integrate voice and data.

Tarsus has the technical support, stock, warehousing and logistical support you need to confidently supply Unify Communications’ solutions to clients.


Unify Solutions Include:


Business Solutions

OpenScape Business is an all-in-one solution that will let your clients accelerate business growth affordably. A single, manageable solution with full UC functionality that leverages IP technology leads to game-changing collaboration.


Large Enterprise Portfolio

OpenScape large enterprise portfolio consists of two platforms – OpenScape 4000 (Converged Platform offering mix of IP & legacy connectivity) and OpenScape Voice (Pure Soft-switch based on open standards). 

UNIFY Partnership Programme

Get everything you need to identify and address your customers’ requirements, design and deliver high-value business solutions and competitively differentiate your company.

  • Program & Tools to make the most out of your partnership
  • Community resources
  • Train and certify your skills to better serve your customers
  • Effectively position and sell products and services with the help of Unify’s extensive sales and marketing resources, presales support and promotions
  • Serve your customers efficiently with online service tools for knowledge base, software download, license management, service ticketing, and latest user and installation guides.

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