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Five strategies ICT resellers can use to enhance their profit margins

Most value-added resellers (VARs) know that it’s getting tougher all the time to run a profitable business based on product sales alone. The competition is fiercer than ever, clients are shifting towards the cloud for a growing range of their business needs, and corporate budgets are under enormous pressure.

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Tarsus On Demand and iConnect SA offer SMEs complete collaboration, connectivity solution featuring Office 365

Cloud and solutions provider iConnect is partnering with Tarsus On Demand, one of South Africa's leading hybrid cloud enablement partners, to offer bundled connectivity and Microsoft cloud solutions to South African organisations. These offerings will enable businesses to acquire their productivity and connectivity solutions from a single provider.

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Microsoft aims to entice customers to the cloud with Office changes

South African ICT resellers will benefit from a streamlined stock-keeping unit (SKU) for the on-premise edition of Microsoft Office following the launch of Office 2019 on October 2. Microsoft is releasing only a single SKU for the product that will support both Mac and Windows clients.

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