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Protect your data with end-to-end coverage

As cyber threats continue to grow, businesses are increasingly concerned about the security of their IT environments. By assessing your business needs and providing full support, HPE can offer protection for every aspect of your business.



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Modernise your infrastructure

A single data breach can irreparably damage a company's brand and financial standing, so it’s essential to have a robust security infrastructure in place that is able to protect against both known and emerging threats, and provide comprehensive visibility across the entire IT environment, ensuring potential problems can quickly be identified and addressed. With artificial intelligence (AI) playing an increasingly important role in cybersecurity, businesses that modernise their security practices can stay ahead of the curve and protect themselves from the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

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HPE offers comprehensive technology solutions that can help SMEs protect their digital assets, reduce exposure and prepare for what’s next, utilising building blocks right from a storage infrastructure level, to the edge and hyperconvergence. With holistic security and zero-trust principles embedded from edge to cloud, SMEs can discover exactly how to benefit from:

  • HPE ProLiant Gen11 server solutions
  • HPE Alletra storage solutions
  • HPE SimpliVity, an intelligent HCI solution optimized for edge and workload virtualization
  • HPE GreenLake, leveraging cloud advantage to accelerate data-centric modernisation

    HPE’s solutions are engineered specifically with SMEs in mind, allowing for quick deployment, easy management, and cost effectiveness, empowering businesses to efficiently focus on their ongoing success.





HPE ProLiant Servers

Secure your business and protect your data with the HPE ProLiant Gen11 portfolio of servers that deliver best-in-class performance and efficiency. The industry's most secure servers designed for state-of-the-art security and easier IT management.

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Benefits include:

  • Advanced security features to protect your data and infrastructure
  • Proven zero-trust approach to cybersecurity
  • Unique digital fingerprint protection, early detection and automated recovery
  • High-performance computing capabilities to enhance productivity
  • Streamlined management and automation tools to simplify operations
  • Edge-to-cloud security built on an HPE compute core
  • Intuitive cloud operating experience designed for hybrid environments


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HPE SimpliVity

An all-in-one hyperconverged (HCI) solution that streamlines IT operations by combining IT infrastructure, advanced data services, and AI-driven operations into a single, integrated solution. Designed to be cost-effective and simpler to manage, SimpliVity still delivers the equivalent of a leading hyper-convergence experience without compromising on security or performance.

  • Enable frequent backups, quick restores, longer retention periods, and faster recovery with lightweight VMs
  • Save 90% (or 10x) capacity across storage and backup combined, guaranteed.
  • Enable rapid, multisite disaster recovery with 10x more efficient WAN (wide area network) links
  • Save money on storage capacity and expensive data center resources and reduce the amount of data sent over the WAN
  • Multipurpose workloads and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications at the edge
  • Scalability in deployment, packed with data services that facilitate the efficient use of resources
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HPE Alletra Storage

The game-changer of data storage, HPE Alletra’s flexibility and scalability make it the perfect solution for an advanced storage infrastructure that handles huge data volumes with ease - seamlessly running any app without compromise from edge to cloud with a cloud experience for every workload.


  • Maximize your agility: Get a cloud operational and consumption experience for every application across its entire lifecycle and from edge to cloud
  • Run any app; Meet every SLA (service level agreement) with the right performance, resiliency, and efficiency to match the needs of any application
  • Free your data, unleash hybrid cloud with unified management, consistent data services, and seamless data mobility across clouds
  • Gain the competitive edge with AI-driven data management, built-in security features, cloud-native software and data-driven actionable insights

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