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Lenovo Desktops, notebooks and tablets

Tarsus is an authorised distributor of Lenovo notebooks and desktops. We invite resellers who are looking to offer Lenovo devices to clients, to partner with us. In addition to being able to supply any Lenovo device, we also offer a convenient asset tagging, service and upgrade system that benefits both you and your customers long after the initial sale.



Thank you! One of our trusted Lenovo partners will be in contact with you soon!

Why Tarsus?

With our asset tagging and configuration centre for upgrade and repair services, we not only offer extra value for end-users, we also reduce costs for resellers. Your clients’ assets are all tagged in our registry, so if any upgrades or modifications are needed we can manage the process for you.  

The Tarsus configuration centre is ISO:9001 compliant and thus, in line with the International Organization for Standardization’s seven quality management principles. These standards are as follows:

  • A customer focus with a constant emphasis on surpassing client expectations.
  • Leadership that provides a focused and unified drive towards excellent quality.
  • Creating value through the engagement of competent, invested staff. 
  • The formulation of, and adherence to, efficient and interrelated processes that function together as a coherent system. 
  • An ongoing focus on improvement. 
  • Making decisions based only on the careful analysis of clear evidence and all available data. 
  • A relationship-based approach that stresses the management and nurturing of relationships with all stakeholders in order to ensure maximum value for everyone throughout the supply chain. 

About Lenovo


Lenovo solutions for small and medium businesses

A complete range of laptops, tablets, desktops, monitors, workstations and accessories for use in a wide variety of office or retail settings. These include the Yoga, Legion and Think ranges.

Lenovo consumer range

For home use, Lenovo offers an unrivalled range of devices, from complete desktop workstations to tablets.


Even with the overwhelming popularity of laptops, many clients still make use of stationary desktop workstations. Lenovo produces a comprehensive range of high-quality desktops with a wide array of features, to suit many different budgets.


Whether your clients need a simple 27” or an ultrawide 44”, Lenovo offers high definition, near edgeless and colour-for-professional options.

Unique relationships with each client

Tarsus operates on a system of special bids. As a reseller, you approach us to bid on bulk deals with organisations such as government departments or corporations. We then negotiate a bid with Lenovo to supply the devices that will fill the organisation’s needs, at a special, one-time-only price. This system is very scalable – we have the capacity to order and ship very large quantities and can supply to clients of all sizes.  

As a reseller you can become a Lenovo partner and join the online portal. Once registered, you can enjoy the benefits of being associated with the world’s #1 in device and server reliability, have access to the biggest product range on the market, enjoy excellent margins and rebate options and simply ease the process of acquiring and managing your Lenovo fleet. You will also have access to a variety of supplementary resources and information, and receive invitations to exclusive industry events.

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Partner with Tarsus for Lenovo products

Tarsus Distribution is an authorised distributor of Lenovo products in South Africa. By partnering with us, you get to enjoy the benefits of Lenovo’s product range along with the special deals only we can unlock and the cost and labour-saving services of our Configuration Centre.
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