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A digital answer for a safe and intelligent world

In today's world, cities and enterprises are getting smarter, leveraging digital technologies to detect and respond to safety and security risks more quickly, accurately and effectively than ever before. They recognise the benefits of smart solutions in helping them build safe, intelligent, convenient and efficient businesses and society.

Dahua Technology is a world-leading video-centric smart Internet of Things (IoT) solution and service provider committed to the mission of enabling a safer community and more intelligent living through the delivery of end-to-end security solutions, systems, and services designed to create value for city operations, corporate management, and consumers.

What specific digital technologies are being used by cities and enterprises to improve safety and security?


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Accelerating the ‘digital native’ transformation

Dahua invests heavily in research and development, exploring new opportunities in various fields, including machine vision, robotics, video collaboration, fire safety, automotive electronics, storage, security, and thermal imaging. Their commitment to digital transformation and smart initiatives is evident through their adherence to the highest data security standards.

Through its product design, Dahua has incorporated a seven-module cybersecurity baseline, established a security emergency response team and procedures, and developed the Dahua Cybersecurity Centre (DHCC) to address cybersecurity issues. The company has 57 branches across the Asia Pacific, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and other regions, and has provided products, solutions, and services in 180 countries and territories. Dahua's services cater to vital vertical industries such as transportation, manufacturing, education, retail, banking and finance, energy, and environmental protection.

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Digital intelligence for critical systems

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Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) focus on integrating computers, electronics, communication technologies and management strategies. It provides relevant traveller information, which helps increase the efficiency of transportation systems. The system consists of traffic violation enforcement, road traffic flow monitoring, and traffic signal control systems. This reduces traffic accidents, labour costs and workforce demands on the police force while improving traveller safety and comfort, along with social and economic benefits like saving energy and protecting the environment.
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Dahua transportation solutions deliver clear real-time and recorded images and facial recognition technology to improve traffic and operational efficiency. Panoramic and thermal cameras also allow for more effective monitoring. These solutions enhance safety on public transport, boost parking efficiency and user experience in parking grounds, provide intelligent and secure solutions for harbours, and improve security at airports and other transport hubs.
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Rapid urbanisation has created residential areas that form the centre of people's lives. Dahua solutions are designed to deliver the security and control required to meet the demand created by increasing safety consciousness, widespread vehicle usage and the need for better residential management. From the perimeter, entrance, and exit security to lobby and public area protection, its all-in-one management platform and access control system ensures efficient and effective surveillance and security.
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Technology is rapidly altering the retail environment. The Dahua Smart Retail Solution provides security and loss prevention for retail shops while strengthening business operations by implementing extensive video-aided business intelligence and analytics functionality. This helps combat shoplifting, internal theft and cashier fraud while ensuring a secure and safe shopping environment. It also offers management Business Intelligence that can help to reduce OPEX, increase operating efficiency, and enhance profits by grasping the direct relationship between foot traffic data and transaction data.
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Banking & Finance

Banking and financial institutions undertake millions of transactions daily, exposing them to significant criminal threats. At the same time, they seek to improve their customer experience and management efficiency. Dahua utilises the latest technologies to secure transactions and improve efficiency. These include using 4K UHD cameras to identify suspicious objects, people counting, remote authorisation, sophisticated backup measures to ensure critical data safety, Smart Transaction Records in case of customer disputes or misunderstandings, and Queue Management, which helps improve efficiency.
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Critical Infrastructure

Key critical infrastructure installations require protection from various risks, including theft, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc. Facility security managers can obtain professional solutions from Dahua that encompass technologies such as 4K cameras and thermal cameras, along with end-to-end solutions, including surveillance, access control and off-grid power supplies. Key focus areas encompass the oil and gas, electricity and telecommunications arenas.
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Culture, Education & Healthcare

Education and healthcare are critical components of a functioning society. Dahua's Smart Classroom Solution enables online teaching and an immersive learning experience by implementing interactive whiteboards and smart blackboards, which improve resource application and allow for rich and high-quality education. Meanwhile, the Smart Healthcare Solution uses video perception, IoT, AI and digital visualisation applications to significantly improve patient care and safety and drive greater nursing efficiency.

Your trusted digital partner  for smart solutions


Tarsus Distribution, the oldest IT distributor in South Africa, offers a unique and powerful solution from Dahua to its channel partners. We back it up with credit funding, stock availability, and efficient logistics, ensuring that our channel partners can provide the best service, support, and solutions to end-users at the lowest possible cost. 

We focus on providing technical skills to our channel partner community and changing our approach from a product-driven mantra to a service-driven one that aims to solve customers' problems and get the job done. 

Our strategy involves crafting solutions to end-customer needs expertly through a solution hub and then implementing and supporting them through channel partners, allowing every party to play to its strengths and coexist in a modern, mutually beneficial channel model.