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Revolutionising data infrastructure for modern businesses

June 7, 2024
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Revolutionising data infrastructure for modern businesses

As a business owner, the sheer volume and complexity of data you must manage can be overwhelming. We’ve helped many customers navigate this challenge because we understand the pressing need for modern data infrastructure solutions and robust data protection. 

Dell Technologies has a range of enterprise offerings to address these needs and more, helping you overcome the complexities of data management, data protection, and infrastructure modernisation. 


Covered in this article

Modernise your data infrastructure for efficiency and growth
Turn growth into an advantage
Get the insights you need
Modernise your defence with cutting-edge data protection
Experience uninterrupted business operations
Simplify IT costs with Dell APEX
Your trusted partner for digital success

Modernise your data infrastructure for efficiency and growth

Modernising your data infrastructure isn't just about keeping up with the latest technology trends - it's a strategic move to boost your business efficiency and give it the ability to take advantage of opportunities when they arise faster than your competitors. Outdated technology becomes a significant barrier to agility and efficiency, hampering your business processes and innovation. 

The benefits of modernising your infrastructure are numerous:

      • Enhanced performance: promises better performance, enabling you to process data and applications much faster.
      • Increased agility:  allows you to adapt far more quickly to the changing needs of your business and that of your customers
      • Cost efficiency: is more cost-effective due to lower maintenance costs and consolidated hardware and software needs.

You can power your business’s innovation and be future-ready with a modern data infrastructure from Dell.

Dell Infrastructure Solutions

Turn growth into an advantage

As your business scales, we know that managing the ever-increasing data becomes a challenge. Dell Technologies’ comprehensive server and data storage portfolio turns this problem into an advantage:

      • Equipped with the latest processors, PowerEdge servers provide the muscle to process your data efficiently and provides the flexibility to tailor a server to meet the specific needs of your applications, ensuring optimal performance for your unique workload.
      • PowerStore offers intelligent automation with high-performance and ease of management adapting and growing as your data demands evolve. 
      • UnityXT caters specifically to growing businesses offering a balance of functionality at an accessible price point. 
      • And PowerVault is the ideal entry-level option prioritising value and simplicity, making it suitable for everyday business needs and data archiving, while offering some level of scalability for future growth

All Dell servers and storage options are reliable, secure and scalable solutions to manage data growth and optimise workloads, no matter the size of business you have.

Get the insights you need

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI (Gen AI) is profoundly affecting how we do business. With Dell’s AI solutions you can analyse vast amounts of data, uncover hidden patterns and predict future trends, allowing you to:

      • Make data-driven decisions that fuel smarter strategies, mitigate potential risks, and optimise operations.
      • Automate routine tasks to empower your workforce, unlock efficiency gains, and fuel growth potential.
      • Personalise customer experiences for stronger connections and higher loyalty.

Dell’s AI solutions enable you to respond faster, gain a data-driven competitive advantage, and accelerate innovation and intelligent business outcomes.

Modernise your defence with cutting-edge data protection

With the increasing frequency of cyberattacks and data breaches, becoming cyber resilient is more critical than ever. 

Dell's PowerProtect suite acts as your one-stop shop for data security. It centralises data protection across your entire IT environment, from physical servers to the cloud. Automated backups and recovery simplify data management, while cloud integration offers a secure off-site option. 

PowerProtect ensures application consistency during restoration, minimises downtime, and scales to meet your growing needs. 

Built-in cybersecurity features keep your data safe from constantly changing threats, giving you peace of mind and ensuring business continuity.

Let Dell give you the tools you need for industry-leading data protection.

 Experience uninterrupted business operations

One of the standout features of Dell is its ProSupport service. Dell ProSupport provides around-the-clock access to expert technicians and proactive support, ensuring your IT infrastructure remains operational and efficient. The benefits of ProSupport include:

      • 24/7 access to experts: get help whenever you need it.
      • Proactive monitoring: identify and resolve issues before they become problems.
      • Reduced downtime: keep your business running smoothly with minimal interruptions.

With ProSupport, navigate any IT challenge with expert guidance by your side.

Simplify IT costs with Dell APEX

Traditional IT investments often require significant capital expenditure (CapEx), which can be a barrier for many businesses. Dell Apex offers flexible consumption models that shift from CapEx to operational expenditure (OpEx), providing several benefits for your business:

      • Predictable costs: pay for what you use, making budgeting easier.
      • Scalability: scale your IT resources up or down based on your needs.
      • Flexibility: choose from various options, such as lease-to-own, to suit your business goals.

These pay-as-you-use models make it easier for you to invest in the latest technology without making large upfront investments.

Your trusted partner for digital success

Dell Technologies has everything your business needs to drive growth and innovation. From modernising your data infrastructure to securing your IT environment and empowering your workforce, Dell offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help your business succeed.

Don't wait to modernise. Let’s explore the entire suite of solutions from Dell Technologies together and design a custom solution that fits your business today. Contact us here.

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