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Group 403

Helene Liebenberg

Chief Operations Officer

Helene Liebenberg is a behind-the-scenes person who likes to get her hands dirty. As the Chief Operations Officer at Tarsus Technology Group, her role is to oversee a variety of day-to-day administrative and operational functions in the business. She has been with the group for more than 20 years.

Helene started working as a receptionist in 1988. Not someone to sit around waiting for things to happen, she quickly started to take on more responsibilities and moved into administration and accounting.

Along with Anton Herbst, Chief Executive Officer of Tarsus Technology Group, Gary Pickford, Chief Commercial Officer at Tarsus Distribution, and Shirlinia Martin, General Manager of Channel Sales at Tarsus Distribution, Helene was part of the team that started Advanced Channel Technologies (ACT) a company that ultimately became part of the MB Technologies Group, which in turn became Tarsus Technology Group in 2014.

Her time at ACT was a career highlight, given that the team started with nothing and grew the company into a viable and valuable business. She remembers how tough it was and how hard everyone worked to make it a success, and how rewarding it was.

Helene was the operations director at ACT, assuming responsibility for all operational aspects of the business, including warehousing, procurement, and HR. Together with the senior management team long-term operational strategies were set that helped to meet company objectives.

In 2014, she took on responsibility for the consumables division at Tarsus, working closely with product executives, overseeing amongst other things inventory management, procurement, and various other administrative responsibilities.
Next, she moved into a pure HR role, overseeing recruitment, training, payroll administration, labour relations and industrial relations. After an organisational restructure she took on additional responsibilities, adding the supply chain, and facilities teams to her portfolio.

Helene is exceptionally proud of the Tarsus culture and how the entire group pulled together to adapt to the new world of work engendered by the global pandemic. The way that employees adapted to the hybrid way of working almost overnight, she believes, demonstrates the resilience and adaptability of the entire team, and the business itself.

In her spare time Helene is attached to her camera and is known for taking photos of everyone at work. With a camera, laptop, and mobile phone in hand in her bag, her life is sorted. Helene likes to run and cycle and has done a few long distances races in the past. She is also a great fan of Parkruns.

Helene’s words to live by: Always do what’s best for the company and the rest will follow.