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Intelligent Server Solutions For Your Unique Needs.

Tarsus Distribution provides a wide range of server solutions for all purposes and organisers across South Africa and surround countries.



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Gain control of your network

Tarsus Distribution provides a wide range of server solutions for all purposes and organisations across South Africa and surrounding countries. We work closely with resellers to source and supply the best server solution for any purpose, drawing on our relationships with the world’s leading IT brands.

Servers are specialised computers that are dedicated to the management of network resources. A server enables the controlled facilitation and management of complex networks. No business that operates a network of computers and other devices should be without a server. The server is essentially the command centre of your IT infrastructure.


How our process works:

Contact Tarsus Distribution’s expert server team with your needs.

We will assess your client’s needs and develop a one-of-a-kind solution.

Installation of your personal Server Solution takes place.

Ongoing support from the Tarsus team.

Storage Features

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Feature #1

Controlled facilitation and management of complex networks.
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Feature #2

A reliable command centre of your IT infrastructure.
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Feature #3

Choose from a variety of servers: file servers, print servers, network servers and database servers.
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Feature #4

Specially designed servers to manage, store, send and process data 24 hours a day.
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Feature #5

Tarsus is always on hand to provide consultation and advice.
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Feature #6

Improved efficiency and flow of data.

Technology Partners

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