‘A rising tide lifts all boats’, a term commonly attributed to John F Kennedy, is the idea that when an economy is performing well, all people will benefit from it.

The pain and suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic have been undeniably real for everyone. As we begin to emerge from its shadows, we are hearing many stories of how South Africans – exhausted and pushed to the limits by months of lockdown – have once again proved how resilient and hardworking we are in the face of adversity.

A recent webinar hosted by Tarsus Technology Group (TTG) and titled ‘Unprecedented Precedents’ got me thinking about how people and businesses have changed the way they work, and how the focus on increasing income is contributing to getting our economy back on track, for the benefit of us all.

At TTG we were fortunate to be geared up to quickly enable our employees to work from home. However, the financial pressures brought on by an economy that had ground to a halt during Lockdown, led to the accelerated implementation of the Group strategy resulting in the retrenchment of a number of our people. I have been inspired by how many of the former employees have used their packages to start their own businesses. We also have staff who have taken on a second job to supplement their income, give them a greater sense of security, and let them boost their entrepreneurial skills.

I believe that businesses are going to have to be more open-minded when it comes to allowing moonlighting and understanding that their star salespeople may also be an Uber driver or a baker by night if that is what it takes to look after their family. The past six months have driven many of us to be more creative and innovative in how we evaluate our careers and earning potential, especially because so many South Africans took salary cuts or even lost their jobs when lockdown came into effect.

In my community, a popular restaurant singer lost her job overnight; she has a child to feed so she started livestreaming her performances on Facebook and every Sunday afternoon our group of friends paid a fee to watch her sing the blues online.

Our resilience as a nation is paying off, as Dr Roelof Botha reported during the webinar and these initiatives – both small and large – are helping to ensure a steady post-pandemic economic recovery for the country.

We have experienced a similar resilience among a number of TTG resellers. While some were unsure about how they were going to survive lockdown, others had already started making a shift to digital technology, remote monitoring of systems and annuity-based incomes. Those that play in specific industries like tourism and hospitality had a tough time and have perhaps learned that it’s never advisable to put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification of products, solutions and vertical markets is certainly the way to go.

The good news for TTG is that we are currently receiving around 15 new dealer applications each day from businesses that are adapting and innovating as they seek to move into new segments and offer services and solutions that were perhaps not in demand at the beginning of this year.

2020 has shown us that by being bold, being positive, and looking beyond the traditional structures of how we do business, we can move forward.

[Photo by JComp on Freepik]