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Experience perfect computing performance


In a tech-savvy world, there is no doubt that your business needs cutting-edge technology, with seamless connectivity and next generation capability. We partner with leading computing brands to offer you the best solutions to suit your budget, your business and power your dreams.



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You already know what a computer is but may be feeling a little lost in a world of exponential change and hyperscale technology. Maybe you’re wondering if your business is geared to keep up, scale up and change as rapidly as your data volumes are growing.  

At Tarsus Distribution we have a team of tech wizards on hand who can evaluate your business’s IT needs, connect you with the right power partner, and build your business a strategic plan, all so you can decide with confidence what will work for you now, and support future business growth. 

With the ultimate in speed, security, storage, graphics, processing, mobility, connectivity, and software at your fingertips, it remains important to remember the basics. Research shows that employees who experience reliability, responsiveness and easy-of-use with daily systems and devices, offer increased productivity and innovation. This pays itself forward to the backbone of any business, the customer experience. 

Future-proofing your business through the adoption of up-to-date technology and systems is imperative to support your staff and grow your customer base, for years to come. 

Let us know when you would like to chat further about your business’s tech journey and specific requirements here.

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Solution Features

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This is the engine - anything you ask your system to do will be managed through the processor on your motherboard.
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Random Access Memory (RAM) is the volatile, temporary memory your computer uses to hold your applications and the documents or web pages you’re working with.
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Graphics Processing Unit

Also called the graphics card, the GPU deals with everything you see on screen.
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Storage Space

HDD (hard disk drives) read and write data to the storage media. SDD (solid-state drives) are now utilised in many lightweight, high-performance laptops to increase performance.
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Windows Defender

Integrated into the Operating System (OS), Windows Defender updates frequently to keep the latest threats at bay.
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Cybersecurity Solutions

Tarsus offers full end-to-end cybersecurity solutions to protect data, networks and devices.

Technology Partners

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