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The Total Economic Impact™of Microsoft Surface for Education

Access to individual computing devices is critical for the education of students. Benefits of this access include better instruction, enhanced creativity and collaboration, fulfillment of accessibility and special learning requirements, and teaching workplace technology skill sets. Microsoft Surface devices create better outcomes for students, while also making it easier for IT organizations to support 1:1 student device models as well as freeing up teachers’ and administrators’ time.

Switching to Microsoft Surface is one of the most cost-effective options for your business because:

  • Microsoft Surface devices have chip-to-cloud security to protect employees and employers 
  • Nearly instant face recognition on login for extra security measures on the Surface Laptops
  • Deploy and manage down to the firmware layer with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Allows teams to collaborate and make the most of Microsoft 365 and the productivity apps they rely on
  • The Surface Pro offers mobility and longer battery life than most competitors making it perfect for the new hybrid  and versatile office environment


“Moving to Surface devices has raised student confidence and their desire to learn more. We have also seen a 13.6% reductionin device and other hard costs. ” - Director of technology, private high school.


Microsoft Surface Clients' Success Stories:


Microsoft Surface for the business sector Microsoft Surface for the education sector


The Surface Laptop 5 fulfills current educational demands, this innovative, proven device is secure and simple to use.

Business Solution-1

Business Solutions

Whether your business functions remotely or in an office environment Microsoft Surface has a device that is best suited for every business function. 


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Individual professional

Individual Professional

Lightweight and portable, Surface is perfect for the individual on the move. Whether it’s for work or play, the 2-in-1 factor makes the device a perfect companion.


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