By Siphiwe Moyo, International keynote speaker; Founder and managing director, Paradigm People Solutions

The 2020s are not going to be about living ‘through’ disruptions like the pandemic, but rather about living ‘with’ disruptions.

Just as we were feeling relieved about the availability of vaccines, so arson and looting broke out. It is highly likely that we will continue to experience different sorts of disruptions for the foreseeable future, hopefully not of the same nature. Acknowledging this will help us to be more resilient as we tackle new challenges.

Before COVID-19, we were already having to deal with the disruptions caused by artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain, for example. Adopting a positive mindset about radical change will make it easier for us to be more flexible in navigating uncertainty.

What does this mean for organisations?
The idea of planning way ahead is a thing of the past. Nimbleness and agility are the new watchwords.

We need to stop assuming that anything is going to go back to normal. Instead, we must encourage our people to cultivate their own optimism and resilience. These skills can be imparted and will be valuable for teams and their leaders.

I encourage business owners to embrace pathway thinking – used to identify different possible ways to achieve a goal, and not to get stuck or discouraged when the original pathway is no longer accessible. It’s really about scenario planning – identifying possible obstacles and determining ways to overcome them in advance.

Think like a futurist
For the individual, thinking like a futurist is a lifesaver. It takes practice and involves paying attention, having an open mind, and running through numerous possibilities. In the technology sector, for example, if you do not do that, you may find yourself one innovation away from being redundant.

Focus on reskilling
Organisations need a mentally agile workforce that is willing and able to change as the demand for skills changes. The adoption of lifelong learning will become critical.

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  • Siphiwe Moyo, CEO of Paradigm People Solutions

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[Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash]