From the start of the Lockdown, my team took ownership of their time and how they spend it in a work-from-home environment, making sure tasks are completed and deadlines are met. They have displayed a level of maturity that has been immensely gratifying, which is so important in a sales environment.

New ways of doing business

Where people were once committed to selling one particular brand, they have confronted constraints in the supply chain head-on and have learnt to cross-sell across multiple brands and solutions. They have shown an ability to adapt and sell across the entire range of products available from Tarsus. These times have certainly taught us that we can be flexible and adapt our customer offerings when the need arises.

This is to be expected in a team where remuneration is directly affected by performance and achieving targets. But what is gratifying is that our people have also learnt to sell across different solutions and categories. For example, people who only sold client compute solutions had to learn to sell security software and enterprise solutions when our stock ran out. They took the time to do the research, to teach themselves, and to sign up for vendor training, even as we were all under so much stress because of the global crisis we were facing.

In my sales team of 120, 65 people have been newly certified to sell Dell enterprise solutions. 31 completed their entry-level HPe certification and a further 19 have become trained and certified in checkpoint software. Many have helped our partners to embrace digital transformation so they too can grow their businesses in new and vital ways. For our whole team, lifelong learning has become a new way of life.

The human touch

It has been heartening to see that we have maintained and actually increased connection and communication between team members. Instead of having to make an appointment, we now simply pop a message to the person we need to speak to.

We are all social animals, and while we miss face-to-face interaction, we’ve come up with creative ways to have more fun digital interactions, such as having a Microsoft Teams social on Friday afternoons. As a result, I believe we are more connected than ever before, and we have more empathy and compassion for one-another, across the team.

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Moderator and panellists will include:

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  • Shirlinia Martin, General manager, Channel Sales at Tarsus Distribution
  • Bev Hancock, Conversational Catalyst, Strategic Facilitator and Interactive Presenter
  • Siphiwe Moyo, CEO of Paradigm People Solutions

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