By Bev Hancock, Interactive global presenter, strategic facilitator and conversational catalyst

As we decipher the way forward together, we have the opportunity to do this with empathy and purpose, to improve employee engagement and create a more human, inclusive world.

To do this we need to look at the challenges and the opportunities that arise from the fact that we’re living at work, we are not working from home. Ubuntu – I am because we are – is for me about community and buy-in. I look to elephants as an example of this because they come together as individuals and in the process create the power of the herd.

What has the pandemic taught us?

We have to shift our mindset in terms of what we do. We need to focus on ensuring that we are all seen and that we are seeing each other. There is nothing quite like a good crisis to wake us up. COVID-19 has taught us that leaders need to ask themselves, ‘How are we creating the environment?’ ‘How are we setting people free to be their best selves?’ ‘What do they need to be strong individuals in a strong team?’ ‘How do we empower people, not only with skills and tools, but also with the freedom and responsibility to make decisions?’

Five elements of new leadership

If the past 500 days have been a bootcamp, which I believe they have, there are five practical elements that make up a modern leader that have been made abundantly clear for all to see:

  1. The gardener – takes responsibility for the environment and nurtures it so that their people can flourish.
  2. The sculptor – removes the obstacles that lie in people’s way so that their skills can come to the fore.
  3. The tightrope walker – finds the balance between freedom and control because the work still needs to be done.
  4. The guide – the way forward is hazy and the path uncertain, so they help people to take that journey into the unknown.
  5. The DJ – helps people mitigate and channel the noise created by an always available digital world so that everyone can be more productive.

Join our webinar for more insights

Please join us for our ‘Living through disruption’ webinar on 26 August 2021 at 11:00, where we will explore some more of the human, business and tech challenges of the remote working world.

Moderators and panellists will include:

  • Asanda Sosibo, Portal sales manager, Tarsus Distribution
  • Shirlinia Martin, General manager, channel sales, Tarsus Distribution
  • Bev Hancock, conversational catalyst, strategic facilitator and interactive presenter
  • Siphiwe Moyo, CEO of Paradigm People Solutions

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