Innovation and creativity are in demand now, more than ever before. Even before COVID-19, businesses were evolving their digital strategies to meet changing consumer expectations. Plans for digital transformation have been fast-tracked as businesses scramble to reinvent how they serve customers in a digital world. SMBs don’t just need to rethink technology and processes, they must rethink business models and partnerships – not only to survive but to grow.

Many transactional resellers have built their businesses on buying products from distributors and then selling them to customers at a profitable margin. Their entire value proposition is built on the ability to deliver that product at a certain price point.

Digitisation is challenging that model – marketplaces, B2B portals and others are delivering the same product more cost-effectively. So the question our transactional partners should be asking is how are they going to add greater value in the current environment to ensure sustainability going forward?

The technology vendors are doing it. HP has led the way with its new Amplify Partner Programme. It offers a common platform designed to enable progressive go-to-market strategies focused on three core pillars: performance, capabilities and collaboration. The new programme rewards reseller partners for accelerating digital transformation. HP is focusing on services rather than product, which is also interesting for a hardware company. The organisation understands that if a reseller can be guided through the digital transformation process, through the partner programme, end-user needs and problems will be solved – and devices offered only if they fit the solution required.

Stop selling product, start solving problems
The call to stop selling product and start solving problems is not new, but the tone is more strident now. As an industry, we need to stop telling customers what they want and rather spend time and effort to understand what they really need. Some clients are not always clear on that, but the responsibility of uncovering a very real need or problem to be solved rests with the reseller.

Asking questions related to the negative effects that the client experiences within their business is a great place to start. By identifying the core pain points you better understand the challenges and needs at a high-level. Get that part right, and the sale will follow.

 Defining value proposition
It is for these reasons that we encourage SMB CEO’s to rethink their business value proposition – the most compelling reasons why a prospective buyer should become a customer, and define the benefit or feature that sets you apart from every other company in the market.

A value proposition will give your business a huge advantage over your competitors, but the problem is that so few businesses have an effective value proposition. This can make your ideal customers turn to your competitors simply because they don’t immediately understand that you offer the solution that they need.

At Tarsus Distribution we have the right partners to help you on the journey to digital transformation in a way that is cost-effective and low risk. Our reseller partners understand that in the ecosystem we are striving to develop, we need to be more focused on being rewarded in line with the value we collectively bring to the table.

[Photo bPanumas on Adobe Stock]