About Shirlinia Martin

Shirlinia began her career at the then Barclays Bank in 1986 as a banking administrator and has worked her way to a GM role at Tarsus Distribution (a position she has held since March 2014). Shirlinia is a believer in lifelong learning. She has an impressive array of certificates and qualifications, notably completing her MBA in 2008. Shirlinia’s role at Tarsus is to devise and execute commercial, operational and business growth strategies. These are designed to create long-term value and to align with the company’s vision, mission, values and objectives. She is a people’s person, a team player, a networker and a cheerleader, which all explain her passion for ensuring that our vertical sales managers motivate their sales teams to close deals and lead the market. She is a fan of Facebook’s Chief Operations Officer, Sheryl Sandberg. In particular, Sandberg’s groundbreaking ideas around gender equality in the workplace inspire Shirlinia to advocate for women to be promoted to executive positions. Like Sandberg’s mantra – “Lean In”, Shirlinia believes in not only developing women to lead, but in giving them the support and the tools they need to lead effectively.

Traditional leadership is dead. What will take its place?

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Disruptive leaders burst with passion, ideas, and energy. They deviate from the norm and challenge the status quo to become a source of radical differentiation and power in business.

Tools and techniques to support continuous improvement in your business

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Continuous improvement is about constantly fine-tuning processes to improve results, usually in close consultation with the teams at the coalface. This sustained approach to improvement can help your business learn, grow and change at a digestible pace.

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